ShadowBreak Intl


Intelligence consultancy company with in-house GEOINT capabilities, providing key data enhancing Multi-Intelligence analysis.
Delivering critical support for decision making and policy makers in vital security issues such as regional conflicts, foreign military combat capabilities, general military intelligence assessments and Intelligence Collaboration.


Anytime and anywhere, access imageries from many different sources, ranging from 60m to sub-50cm per pixels resolution as well as affordable high resolution tasking.


Combining GEOINT and OSINT, ShadowBreak Intl provides accurate situational reports and analysis including 3D recreations.


Enhance your geospatial intelligence capabilities through our tailored consulting services.

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Access archive imageries from low to high resolutions, task satellites to collect images for you with the push of a button, identify assets easily through a measurement tool and an extensive database...


Boost your GEOINT performances with our real time collaborative tool. Overlay the latest satellite imageries over the map, mark the important elements and share across devices with your team instantly.

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Having completed various successful B2G ventures along with key projects for our closed door clients, Shadowbreak Intl is happy to announce the expansion of services into the B2B spectrum enabling…