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Axelspace Corporation and ShadowBreak Intl have signed a partnership agreement enabling close cooperation. The two companies will work together to offer turnkey solutions for the design, launch, and operation of microsatellites and ground-stations directly to select customers, using ShadowBreak’s innovative data infrastructure and technology solutions to deliver the imagery to customers in a private and secure environment.


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About Us

ShadowBreak Intl aims to disrupt the geospatial intelligence industry by reshaping the acquisition, analysis and distribution of satellite imagery. By democratising geospatial data it becomes more readily accessible to governments, companies & individuals. By leveraging our expertise, building powerful products that are easy to use we break with the traditional ways of the industry.

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Our Services


Anytime and anywhere, access our extensive catalogue of the most recent satellite imagery including the highest commercially available resolutions. Leverage our tasking capabilities allowing you to place bespoke future orders.


Combining geospatial and open source intelligence, ShadowBreak Intl provides tailored on-demand situational reports and analysis including 3D recreations.


We work closely with our customers to assist them both with imagery acquisition requirements and analysis work, thanks to the deep knowledge of our analysis team..

Discover Our Products


Our free to use satellite imagery acquisition platform. Quickly search our extensive catalogue containing the most up to date satellite imagery available from multiple providers. Benefit from our unified pricing model which makes costs predictable; buy imagery with the push of a button without worrying about minimum order values.

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Understand what is happening where, when and why. Extract insights from your geospatial data using our real-time collaborative analysis tool and work to time-lines that meet end-user needs even in the most fluid situations.

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