Through an experienced team of analysts, the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions and a deep geopolitical understanding, ShadowBreak Intl aims to provide clear analysis, for both civilian and military usage, of satellite imageries and situational assessments before and after imagery acquisition, giving an entire intelligence package.

Geospatial Intelligence

Using our in-house geospatial capabilities, ShadowBreak Intl can acquire geospatial and imagery intelligence through different sets of relations and technologies, allowing the creation of a comprehensive situational report for any cases, from the urban or environmental impact of new construction to a military Bomb Damage Assessment.

Open Source Intelligence

ShadowBreak Intl integrates Open Source Intelligence as a vital core of the analysis process. We believe in the importance of omnipresent data as it allows our analysts to properly connect the dots and draw bigger contextual understandings from the initially acquired Geospatial Intelligence report. 


By leveraging considerable amount of data produced by both Geospatial and Open Source Intelligence, ShadowBreak Intl enhances the situational awareness and analysis capabilities for both civilian and defence sector through complete reconstitution/reconstruction? with interactive and accurate 3D models that can easily be animated, printed or integrated in viewers and tour software including Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality simulations for any kind of assets, from exteriors to interiors. 

Interested ?

By merging in-house GEOINT and OSINT capabilities and leveraging a strong team of 3D artists, analysts and engineers, ShadowBreak Intl is able to produce accurate, tailored-made analysis based on your needs.