Our expertise, with you.

Technical Customisation

We provide a tailored-made technical experience, developing interfaces and solutions to help organisations enhance the acquisition and distribution of the intelligence provided by ShadowBreak Intl or any other provider. Assisting you step by step our teams can handle a wide array of project work from simple development projects to very complex ones, including Artificial Intelligence.

Flexible and adaptive

Through our polyvalent team, ShadowBreak Intl expertise fits both civilian and military needs, making our consulting service fully comprehensive for any environment on a case by case basis. Each new project is taken up as a new challenge and our approach is kept flexible and adaptive, insuring the ability to deliver qualitative and efficient results.

Require our help ?

We are eager to learn how ShadowBreak Intl can help your company geospatial and intelligence needs and stand ready to assist at any time. Reach out directly and our team will answer you as fast as possible.