Satellite imagery
Archive & Tasking

Relying on a diverse portfolio of satellites provided by multiple partners enabling continental and open seas coverage supported by multiple resolutions and with both optical and SAR capabilities, ShadowBreak Intl can provide archive, present and task future imageries based on standard and optimum environmental conditions

Archive images

With access to over a hundred earth observation satellites, ShadowBreak Intl provides the ability to work with and research an extensive archive of imageries with resolutions ranging from 60 meters per pixel to 30cm, in SAR, PAN and multispectral options

Task away

With access to three high resolution constellations composed of 26 satellites, ShadowBreak Intl offers affordable multispectral and SAR tasking, with resolutions ranging from 1m to 50cm per pixel, anywhere in the world and multiple times a day. With the entire process being handled internally: from the processing of images to optimisation of tasking through orbital and weather analysis, we aim to make your tasking experience seamless and effortless.


Holding multiple international relationships with key satellite image provider, ShadowBreak Intl continues to expand and establish more affiliations to create better opportunities on a continuous basis for our customers

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